Virtual Interactive Personal and Home Defense Practice Simulator

ShockPad (get "hit" when the bad guy shoots.)


Use the ShockPad to actually get "hit" when bad guys shoot at you.

NOTE: You must have Windows 10 or higher to use this feature. 

NOTE: Your computer must have Bluetooth capability. Most laptops come with this. Desktop computers, however, normally do not have bluetooth. For desktops it is a simple matter of buying what is called a USB bluetooth transceiver, and sticking it in an empty USB port. They are very small and cost only about $18. Here is the ASUS BT500 on Amazon.

The iFightBack ShockPad is a Bluetooth Low Energy device that will provide a shock to the wearer when the bad guy shoots in any of the Drills, Interactive Videos, or Hogan's Alley Scenarios.

The intensity of the shock and the shock mode are adjustable in the iFightBack Options screen.